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Poke-Apocalypse App by Rocket14
Poke-Apocalypse App
why not try for a group :'D

Name: Rocket
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Mienshao
Birthday: July 1

Weapon: Machete

Characteristic: Highly Curious

Ability: Regenerator
Attract       Bounce
High Jump Kick    U-Turn

Rocket was born and raised in the streets of Castelia City. She attented school and was one of the brightest, but she preferred to spend her time running through the city with her gang then sitting in a classroom. Her family were unaware of her vandilasm and destruction around the city, they were pretty oblivious and figured their daughter would never be part of so crowd. In fact they often praised her for not being a delinquent, which just made Rocket even more so. Though Rocket whished they would pay more attention, she couldn't complain much. Life was more than ideal, running from authority, destroying property, sneaking on rival gangs, and stealing from all the penthouses in the city. It didn't last long, especially when Rocket starting hearing about a deadly flu sweeping throughout the world. The government promised them a cure which quickly backfired. Castelia City was falling into chaos and everyone was panicking, when Rocket and her gang went around there was no one to stop them.

Rocket realized it was time for something more organized, something that would use everyone's hysteria for a larger purpose. It was time to riot against the big medical companies and the goverments that gave their citizens a death sentence. Gangs gathered from around the city, including Rocket's, and planned to take on the soldiers sent to keep control. Everyone geared up protecting themselves with masks, googles, makeshift weapons. The crowd gathered with almost 1,000 to face the heavily armed officers, then suddenly everyone was blinded by thick smoke or actually gas. But the gangs were ready and ran through the smog to face sticks, tasers, guns, and anything else the soldiers had. The other poke in the city watched on, some laughing at their pointless riot, while some joined in. The fight lasted several hours, with poke being scattered and apprehended everywhere. At one point Rocket and a few members of other gangs were backed into a corner. There was no way everyone would escape, and if they somehow did other authorities would soon cuff them. Rocket weighed her options and quickly lunged onto one of the soldiers. This gave the poke she was trapped with the chance to escape, which they hesistantly took. It was a risky move which ended costing Rocket a lot. Her eye protection was ripped off and was gassed in her right side. Another officer joined in and clawed deep into her thigh, leaving a heavy scar and disfigured tendons. Everything after that attack was lost as Rocket only remembers waking up on cold concrete with an almost blind right eye, a limp in her left leg that would never quite go away, and finally a fresh tattoo of her new label.

In prision, Rocket was alone. The soldiers were at least smart enough to not put all the gangs in the same prision; after all they could just get organized again. Rocket being one of the leaders was especially made sure she wouldn't come into contact with the gangs including hers. She spent a couple months in prision, which felt like years as Rocket dreaded being alone. She spent her time fighting with herself, trying to decide if letting the others escape and her be captured was really worth it. However, In the end she always concluded it was worth it. Her break came when the countries fell more quickly than anyone imagined, and soon the prisons had no gaurds left to keep the convicts. Rocket easily slipped away from the prision, the the outside world felt even more entrapping. She had heared from inside the prision the only city left that sounded a little promising was Goldenrod. Rocket just had the single objective of finding her gang, the only thing she really cares for. So she headed for Goldenrod and was grouped into the Convicts, where she quickly took the role of a spy. This would allow her to sneak into different groups maybe some knowing where the gangs who rioted in Castelia where at. 

Rocket is your natural leader, who doesn't get pushed around. And while she's extremely stubborn, she's even more so curious about everything. It might be why she did very well in school and why she loved the streets because it gave her freedom to explore. Rocket loves to joke around and is often very blunt. She won't be afraid to speak up, even if it might hurt someones feelings it could also come in handy. Rocket secretly likes being petted and picked up, but never admits it. Rocket can also switch up moods quickly and can keep a good poker face. Rocket also has a bad tendency of running away, not from fights or gangs but from individuals. Her biggest trait is her flirty tendency and crude humor, which is useful getting out of tough situations but has a tendency to backfire if someone takes Rocket too seriously. Though Rocket might have a charm, it's very limited as she's very tomboyish. 

Rocket spends a lot of her time sketching and studying. She's always loved art and has more spare time to go into depth with it. Also a bit of her nerdiness comes out, studying fighting and survival tactics from old school books. Rocket also goes out fishing and drives around when she can find a good car and a place not completely infested with zombies. Sometimes she'll wander into neighboring towns just to escape the tough convict life and spend some time exploring. 

Likes and Dislikes: 
Rocket likes making jokes, wandering around, listening to music, and ice cream. Rocket enjoys eating but she really can't resist ice cream. She likes tanktops and shorts though she wears camo pants to have more protection from bites and to hide her large scar. Rocket loves the heat and pouring rain. Rocket also likes to swim from time to time, it helps out her limp. She likes snow too but just the snow itself not the freezing winter. Along with the cold weather, she hates heights and greasy foods. Rocket feels like even though food is pretty limited she rather starve a couple of days then have some deep fried pizza. Rocket is also picky with her allies, she won't tolerate anyone who boosts too much or is too proud for their own good. She also doesn't like girls who are too preppy, thankfully there arent many left in this infected world. She likes anyone who is honest and can back up whatever they blurt out, and also has a soft spot for poke' who remind her of her little brother. But she absouletely can't deal with toodlers or babies.

- 3 thick black stripes tattoo along back
- Large scar inside left thigh
- Chevrolet seat belt belt
- 1 red eye, 1 yellow eye
- Only 5'2''
- Evolved without whips on arms

Theme Song:

Kashmir- Led Zeppelin
College Rocket by Rocket14
College Rocket
last pic before im off to visit MSU! gonna be gone for like 5 days :'DD long drive
also Rocket asks all the important questions!


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Lineart/Shading/Color-no bg
Tailsfan97 Comish by Rocket14Guillotine Buizel Comish by Rocket14 
Type 1(Multiple OC)-PokeHigh Colors by Rocket14 Updated Refs Set 1 by Rocket14

Type 2 (Single OC)-Ref Comish by Rocket14Silenced Society Ref by Rocket14
:iconbrianvega: decided to tag me, dis bitch

anyways i havent made in journal in a long ass time and well not that many of updates on me really hahah
so let's just do this shit, i think ive done a tag like dis a while back doe

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal. 
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them. thot
6. No tag backs
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag 10 people fuck you can't tell me what to do, stupid journal chain meme skjasndk

1: Fuck u Brin
2: Imma be a senior dis yearr
3: I wanna go wayyy out of state
4: im gonna die cuz half of my friends left for college now
5: i also fucked ur future husband/wife already c:

Questions I have to answer:

1. Question: favorite Anime? and if u don't like Anime get the fuck out of here and don't be my friend
uhh spice and wolf 

2. Question How did u meet you're Tagger?
he tried to crash my stream 

3. Question what Superpower would u have?
hmm, like control time and shapeshifting so I can be a dog and bite your ass when you pet me :3

4. Question If you could Give your 10 year old self some advice what would it be?
they ain't worth the trouble, also don't skip on balance beams because ur gonna break ur ankle bish

5.How do you define what Love is ? 
love is shit, then again that's not really a definition more like a desciption lol; I guess love is that struggle you feel towards someone, could be anyone really cuz you can't control who you fall for

Now mYY questionsss:
i aint tagging no one, but if you wanna answer the questions just leave it in the comments lol
1. What was ur first starter?
2. Would you rather go through ur town in a bikini orr pantsless riding a llama?
3. If you had everyones attention what would you say? bootybootybootybootyrockineverywhere
4. Aim for the jugular or aim for the buttocks?  
5. Chick fil a or every other fastfood chain wit they shitty fake ass food?
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Shady
  • Reading: nothin
  • Watching: nada
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Eating: nahh
  • Drinking: wataaa


Badass Bitch
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Artist United States
East Coast! :iconpichuslapplz:

I live on the east coast which btw better than west coast!:icondragonnod2:
You can call me Rocket or Wolfe!^^
Definition of Rocket:
/rock-it/ [noun]

-[1] Very naughty and vain creature;like to tell jokes and makes others laugh. doesnt take shit seriously

-[2] Head strong and very stubborn,doesn't back down hates haters,natural leader

-[3] Loves to play and challenge herself, very athletic cant go a day without listening to music , works better solo

I'm a self taught artist and currently in school X3
:icondafuckplz::icondafuck2plz: :iconfaceshovelplz:
:icondafuck3plz::icondafuck4plz: :iconohfuckplz:

Lol Hehee
Relationship Status:

Taken[ ]
Mentally dating a character [ ] Lol if i was it would be N!

yeah fuk that long bio lolol

Sign: Leo (thats why im playful X3)
Straight/Gay/Bi: Straight
Chinese year: Ox (no wonder im so stubborn XD)
Residence: East coast c:
School Grade:HS Sophomore
Eye Color: Blue! jk haha brown that be interesting though..
Status: Taken~
Animal: Wolf
Beats: Studio!


:icondragonmusicplz::iconheplz::icondidyoujustplz::iconspazattackplz::iconvomitplz::iconheavenlyplz::iconsayhiplz::iconranranruuplz::iconherotimeplz::iconsaiyanplz::iconscaredplz::iconguaahplz::iconvoodooplz::icondignitylaughplz::iconmiseryplz::iconplanningplz::icongreatjobplz::iconitshotplz::iconitscoldplz::iconsickplz::icononionxdplz::iconpetrifiedplz::icondestroyplz::iconfinallyplz::iconinjuredplz::icononiontantrumplz::iconawkwardplz::iconcuriosityplz::iconnosepickingplz::icondontunderstandplz::iconnotlisteningplz::iconboredomplz::iconcomeatmeplz::iconruncryplz::iconstudytimeplz::iconsighingplz::iconitsfreezingplz::iconsmartyplz::icondesperateplz::iconfeelingfullplz::icononionnouplz::iconcomebackplz::iconinsultedplz::iconhandsomeonionplz::icononionpanicplz::icononionfailplz::icononionpinnochioplz::iconhomelessonionplz::icongraduatingplz::icononionspittake1plz::icondizzyplz::iconinternalinjuryplz::iconrejectedplz::iconrobotfaceplz::icononionspittake2plz::iconlaughing2plz::iconlaunchedplz::iconshockplz::iconrelievedplz::iconhappyhappyplz::icongivingupplz::icondotdotdotzplz::iconbaibaiplz::iconhappytearsplz::iconwarmandcomfyplz::iconcomeoverhereplz::iconheadacheplz::iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz::iconcrycryplz::iconadorableplz::iconlaughingplz::iconsweatdropplz::iconembarrasedplz::iconscaredtodeathplz::icontooloudplz::icondustingplz::icondepressedonionplz::icononionomfgplz::iconthirstyplz::icononionaccidentplz::iconthreewishesplz::icononionbunnyplz::iconschoolplz::iconyesvictoryplz::iconomgnoesplz::iconnosebleedingplz::iconinloveplz::iconthatsrightplz::iconexcitedblushplz::icononionlullabyplz::iconteatimeplz::iconredpassplz::iconcanloveplz::iconlazyonion::icononiontortureplz::icononionnomplz::icononionnomnomplz::iconsobeautifulplz::iconallaloneplz::iconrocketpunchplz::iconbadbowplz::iconrightyouareplz::icondingdingdingplz::iconsoccerrageplz::iconumadbroplz: :iconsaysplz: U mad, bro? :icontrollfaceplz: :iconchildplz::iconspongebobrapefaceplz:
:iconnope2plz: :iconloolfaceplz::iconfacedeskforeverplz::iconpelvicthrustplz::iconepicsaxguyplz:


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Go ahead take one! U know u want it ;P

My white team:KungFuandDarkdile12's Team by Marlenesstamps:heart:

Rocket:Mienshao Stamp by Synstematic:thumb286797036:

Amor:573 - Cinccino by Marlenesstamps573 - Cinccino by PokeStampsDex

Kami:528 - Swoobat by PokeStampsDex528 - Swoobat by Marlenesstamps

Jai:Eevee stamp by DametoraEevee stamp by Numbuh9

Portia:Stunky Support Stamp 2 by Fishlover434 - Stunky by Marlenesstamps

Rosemary:586 - Sawsbuck by PokeStampsDex586 - Sawsbuck Spring by Marlenesstamps

Credo:Fraxure stamp by SilverLucario12611 - Fraxure by PokeStampsDex

Festus:Typhlosion Stamp by OreobytesTyphlosion by GhettoSketchah

Mike:507 - Herdier by PokeStampsDexPokemon: Herdier by SD-DreamCrystal

Phantom:571 - Zoroark by MarlenesstampsZoroark by wingwolf-WinGD

Typhoon:Dewott stamp by dewottstamp1502 - Dewott by Marlenesstamps

Crocdilius:552 - Krokorok by PokeStampsDexKrokorok stamp by Jontukka


Peeta: When i walk out of the shop..this is what i see..

Katniss: Not again..

Peeta: Katniss Everdeen is a- lookin at me..

Katniss: Are you done?


Lady Gaga taught me its ok to be different.
Ke$ha taught me to be myself and not care what anyone else thinks.
Bruno Mars taught me to do anything for that one person I love.
Eminem taught me that life is hard but you can make it through.
Taylor Swift taught me not every guy is going to treat me right.
Nicki Minaji taught me that i can be more than one person.
Drake taught me how to take care.
Jenni Vartiainen taught me I can love whoever I want.
Michael Jackson taught me to always love the people around me.
Music taught me how to live.

I don't care if you're black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich, or poor. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that.

Current Residence: East coast!!
Favourite genre of music: Pop
Favourite style of art: Cartoon
Operating System: PC
Shell of choice: Blue
Skin of choice: Blue
Favourite cartoon character: Holo
Personal Quote: "Ha! Pranked ya!"

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